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Sunday, July 6, 2008




First semester



Part –a

1.       What is consent

2.       Define consideration

3.       Define void contract

4.       Whether an agent and the servant same . give example

5.       Define hundi

6.       Define ultravires

7.       What is the prospectus

8.       Define factory

9.       What is the objective of VAT

10.   What is the medium of payment of wages


Part –b

11.   A) what are the characteristics of a company


b) discuss the exceptions to the doctrine of indoor management.


12.   A) give a detailed description of the parties to negotiable instrument


b)discuss the exceptions of the doctrine of caveat emptor.


13.   A) explain the various kind of agreements.


           b)  examine the essentials of contract.

14.   a)  explain the conditions on which strikes and lockouts are prohibited


b) discuss the provisions regarding the health of workers


15). A)  explain the mode of charging the sales tax



b).trace the history of consumer protection act and its relevance today.


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