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Sunday, July 6, 2008



Part –a 
1. List the factors influencing consumer behavior.
2. Define buying process
3. What do you mean by consumer perception.
4. Can consumer attitude towards brands be charged
5. What is the meaning of cross – cultural analysis.
6. Define group dynamics.
7. What is meant by cognitive dissonance.
8. What are the stages in decision – making.
9. Explain the need for consumer protection.
10. What are the difficulties in predicting consumer behavior.

Part –b
11. A) outline the scope of consumer behavior. What are the disciplines that contributed to consumer behavior as a subject of study.
b) list and explain the individual determinants of consumer behavior.

12. A) explain with examples manifest and intent motives in consumer behavior.
b) discuss the family life style stages and the changing consumption pattern.

13. A)what factors influence reference groups to make decisions on products and brands.
b) what are the marketing implications of culture. What is the role of marketer in this connection.
14. a) what are the different models of consumer decision process. Explain any one model
b)what is meant by consumer attitude. What are its components and functions.

15). A) discuss the influence of social sciences on buyer behavior.

b). explain why consumer protection act was passed. Has it succeeded in achieving its objective.

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