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Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Part –a 
1. List out the devices used to form internet work and specify each one of its purpose.
2. What Is The Use Of MIME
3. What is meant by serialization of objects in Java.
4. Write a java program to load and display an image.
5. State about the different usage of HTML flames.
6. List out the objects involved in java script with its purpose.
7. Define DHTML event bubbling
8. Write down the DHTML syntax for bind an image to the data and sort the data.
9. Write about servlet life cycle.
10. Define servlet cookies.

Part –b
11. A) Explain the steps involved in making the communication using TCP/IP with neat diagram.
b) write a program using CGI and explain how CGI WORKS.

12. A) Explain java networking using sockets with your own examples program.
b) write a java program for creating email client and protocol handling .

13. A). write a HTML program for the registration of new customer to the online banking system. ( customer data collected using a form , after submitting account number and type of account and username , password is displayed as output.)
i. write a java script to print a marklist for 10 student s in a HTML table.
ii. Write a javascript that inputs a telephone number as a string in the form of (555) 555-5555. The script should use string method split to extract the area code as a token. The first 3 digits of the phone number as a token , the last 4 digits of the phone number as a token. Display the area code in one text field and seven digit phone number in another text field.
14. a) apply DHTML chroma and flip filter and reveal trans transition for an image.
b) write a DHTML program to handle any three mouse events.
15). A) explain how servlet deals HTTP get and post requests with an example program.
b). Write a program for banking application using JDBC (consider 5 customer create a/c no and type, set some minimum balance do credit and debit operation and print consolidated report for month wise transaction.)

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