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Sunday, July 6, 2008

communication skills jan07- M.B.A

First semester

Part –a 
1. Define personal communication. Does it affect the attitude of individuals.
2. Identify the elements involved communication process
3. How do you give constructive feedback.
4. Name the activities involved in listening.
5. Write the purpose of business letters.
6. Briefly describe the process of writing business messages.
7. Define business report.
8. explain the term proposal . name the types of proposals.
9. What are the different ways of organizing a report.
10. What is structural coherence helpers.

Part –b
11. A) list the type of internal operational and external operational communication that may occur in a medium sized apparel manufacturing unit.
b)explain the verbal and non verbal barriers to communication.

12. A) meetings involve oral communications . in a meeting a person will be either a leader or a participant. Elucidate the importance leader and participant role in a meeting.
b) international business would not be possible without international communication . comment on the statement.

13. A)in yesterday’s daily newspaper you saw an advertisement about some property that just might be what you have been looking for:
Rocky mountain lodge on 269 scenic acres of forest, breathtaking mountain view, running stream through property. Twenty two rooms, 25 baths, large kitchen, dining room , and lobby. Giant fireplace. There service buildings. Two tennis courts, a steal at $2,450,000 p.o box 7413,Denver , CO 802209.

One of the industrial clients of your real estate business is seeking a building like this. The area and the price are right. But your client has some specific requirements that the advertisement doesn’t cover. So you will write a letter to the advertiser to determine whether the place meets those requirements.

Your client wants a place that is easily accessible through out the year by auto mobile because the building would be used as a corporate retreat and training centre, tow rooms suitable for the meetings of up to 15 people 2 would be needed. Then there should be at least 15 rooms suitable for bed rooms. It would be helpful if the advertiser could send you the picture of the place or a brochure. Also you had like to know the real estate taxes on the property and how old is the structure. You may think o f the facts your client should know before inspecting the property . now write the enquiry letter.
b) write a sales letter to promote the sales of any one of the following.
i. a financial product.
ii. an educational service.
14. a) answer the following
i. what are the common characteristics of business reports.
ii. What are the common types of business reports.
b) write the detailed answer on the common content for research proposal . give an example of your own research proposal.

15). A) how do yoy collect dat for your report. Describe the merits and demerits of the various data collection methods.

b). write a short report on the topic business communication.

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